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Abstract, Background, Transparency


KOYAK ($KOYAK) is a BEP20 token that aims to become the preferred method to donate transparently through the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and to access the ecosystem of services provided by the KOYAK platform. The adoption of cryptocurrencies will impact the way we donate in the future and KOYAK is poised to play a leading role in this new era of fundraising.

The non-profit sector today is worth an estimated $2 trillion worldwide, yet head- lines in recent times have seen the sector stumble between corruption scandals, gross inefficiencies, false expenses and misuse of funds.

There are several methodologies organizations use to provide transparency to their donors.

• Self-reporting
• Recipient reporting
• Third-party reporting

In most cases, donors do not have a single place to see how their money is being used and need to trust the information they are provided with. The information is fragmented and is often difficult to compare with information from other organizations.


Blockchain-powered smart contracts and the adoption of cryptocurrencies is providing transparency, enabling efficiency and cutting costs.

Lower costs

With traditional donations, money goes through various middlemen, such as government agencies and financial institutions, and fees (approximately 3%) are charged by credit or debit card as well as by clearing houses. Blockchain donations are executed directly, reaching the charity instantaneously and at a fraction of the cost.


Thanks to the distributed ledger technology, blockchain donors can track how their cryptocurrency is being used by charities. No record on the blockchain, in fact, can be erased, thereby providing traceable account- ability showing the exact flow of any coin in the ecosystem. Non-profits too can use the blockchain to manage resources, reduce overheads, streamline their supply chain, and waste fewer resources.


If certain KPIs or other predetermined conditions aren’t fulfilled, smart contracts allow donors to receive their donations back or to redirect them towards more deserving or pressing causes.In order to provide increased transparency and traceability of donations, charities could greatly benefit from blockchain technology. Although the benefits of transparency and the potential of cryptocurrency is clear, non-profits are poorly positioned to embark on new blockchain-led technology initiatives, since they are focused on their core business: helping the recipients of charity donations.

Koyak Token

We leverage creativity and innovation, wealth and community to change the world.

Capital donation funding
Dedicated to generate immediate funds to help the targeted group of donations, namely KOYAK undraising for the much-needed Gaza fund.
Air Drops & Promotions
okens will be allocated for airdrops and promotions.
Yield Farming
Token are reserved for yield farming purposes. This will help in reducing supply in the market and to some extent will help the stability and price increase of KOYAK token.
For marketing expenses and marketing related matters.
Project Development
Dvelop a KOYAK ecosystem that will allow KOYAK tokens not just for one purpose but KOYAK tokens can be used for other purposes related to fund raising.
Automatic LP Every trade contributes towards automatically generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges


Frequently Asked Questions

Koyak began as a synonym to familiarity, inspired by a viral event occurred in social media made famous by Malaysians.

KOYAK ($KOYAK) is a BEP20 token that aims to become the preferred method to donate transparently through the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). You could get $KOYAK on PancakeSwap (More exchange platforms is coming).

Contract address: 0xcb5853eef02ae21f4f47c0b6cfbff005e9f648d7

100% Decentralized. Koyak token is community-led and managed by volunteers. There is no presale and team allocation.

Firstly we will add the liquidity on PancakeSwap, and will work with more exchanges, communities, medias to increase exposure. All achievements come from and belong to the community.

We started out in Malaysia and we are not a charity organization. Our purpose is to enable technology and people connect in a way to improve our lives, hence we are not a registered entity/body/organization/company yet. When you make a transaction, we hope you understand and have made thorough research in token technology.
When you purchase our token (swap from DEX) and/or any form of transaction went through our smart contract, some partial of your token will be distributed to our Charity address. This is as explained in our Tokenomics information. The idea is to enable KOYAK token holders to ‘invest and make people’s live better’. Tax receipt is not supported and all transactions are anonymous.
We perform rigorous due diligence to select organizations/channels, ensuring that the social impact of each donation will be maximized. We encourage you to share your suggestions or nominate where should we donate next. Please email to:
For each donation activity, we will show on our website and/or social media for every donation transaction that we performed. All the records include a TXID, an identification number for a cryptocurrency transaction, receipt, and/or any other proof of payment which adhere to transparency of our activities.
All transactions made through blockchain are irreversible and final. We do not hold account and/or responsibility to any transaction made by you. We are a token on BSC, transactions are done in swap basis. We do not have control over the transaction mechanics nor setting the price for our token. We hope that you do your own research, understand risks and always perform best practice in managing your investment.
You may email us, follow us on social media or join our Telegram group to get in touch with us. As a community-driven project, we are open to suggestions and we always look forward for a better future. And also, please be cautious with scammer that lurking around asking for your money. We will never contact anyone asking for money.